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        professional lighting & production

        Summer 2020 Features

        Intimacy & Spectacle for the Lumineers
        By Michael Raine
        The folk-rock phenoms' III World Tour offered an eye-popping and immersive combination of spectacle and intimacy that perfectly complemented the music.

        Iconsiam - A Beacon on the Bangkok Skyline
        By Andrew King
        It's a new but already iconic element of Bangkok's skyline, beckoning to the masses by day and, thanks to an elegant and elaborate architectural lighting system, by night.

        Video On The Verge - The Latest Tech & Tools for Live Productions
        By Andrew King
        PL&P checks in with a panel of video equipment providers and techs for a snapshot of current and incoming trends affecting Canada's temporarily paused live production sector.

        Pushing Through The Pandemic - Tips & Tools for Canadian AVL Pros Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis
        By Andrew King
        We share input from pros across the country on how the pandemic is affecting them, their biggest concerns with what's to come, and resources to help everyone push forward.